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I used to but not anymore; I will show you how to be more productive & how to get your time back in everyday life

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If you are constantly feeling distracted; where you are being pulled in a million directions every single day and you just wish it would stop.  Are you thinking or dreaming, how to make it all stop?  More money?  More business?  Need more people?  

Hi! I'm Angela Proffitt, and this was me a decade ago.  But I found the right business mentor to help set me straight. Who helped me surround myself with the right people.  I didn't know what I didn't know.  But what I did know is something HAD to change. I needed a different result. 

With the right mindset, understanding how to communicate boundaries, and how to delegate to the right people, you will have your time back in no time! Pun intended!


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Knowing how to shift your mindset, the exact same way I had to in order to start seeing a real change, I call it "potty train your brain" is the first step.


One of the biggest time sucks is saying "yes" to everyone & everything to make others happy.  I will show you how to say no to the wrong things. 


Customizing the message the way others need to hear it is the most powerful tool in my box; it's a proven method that is 40+ years old.

"Angela, I thought I had it together; I was in business for 20+ years and we did well. The business was profitable, and I thought we were making good money. You helped me identify best business practices in ways that I had not seen before. Helping me hire the right team members (and let some go), showing us how to go paperless, and how to back up our documents, formatting our apple products was a game changer for my business and personal life. We now do all proposals in the field, all client files can be accessed from anywhere, my team and I work less and we are more profitable than ever. Thank you for everything!"

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You have NOTHING to loose! And EVERYTHING to gain! During GSD Academy I will show you expertise strategies that are proven to scale your time, your team members, increase sales, reduce stress, and so much more. Here are the Four Secrets on how to get clarity on how to spend you time as you shift your focus and mindset. Get videos, worksheets, and goals.


Secret 1: Improving the communication between you, your team, and your clients.  Assessing your entire communication process so that you are being effective. The goal is to share the process with your team so that everyone is on the same page and you have the opportunity to ensure the company culture is where you want it to be.

This week all about improving the communication between you, your team, and your clients.  Let's take a deep dive into your entire communication process so that you know you are making a positive impact. 

Learn how to setup your website intake process to weed out those potential clients that are not going to be a good fit for your company.  Working with the right clients is key to setting a positive foundation for your team. 

This is the exact road map I used to lay the foundation to education potential clients so it's not a waste of their time or my time.  Your time is so precious. 


Let's uncover exactly how to build your team and get them all in the right spaces to unlock your team’s true potential. Then putting processes in place is where the magic happens. 

Profit follows a solid process. Once you get your process in place, including internal and external, and the right team members in place, you are one step closer to scaling your company. 

The biggest reason team members fail is because they don’t understand what
you expect of them. Once you learn how to outline your expectations using our
easy-to-follow guide, your team will deliver every time; and they will have a clear process to follow.

Setting boundaries is crucial to allow your team to think for themselves and
allowing them to step into their true potential. This could be the hardest thing
you do, but is the secret to having an effective team that you will be proud of.


Let's talk about technology.  WAIT! Before that scares you off, this whole training has been built from the ground up to give you everything you need to be a tech wiz – processes that will unlock the inner tech genius inside of you!

If you want to improve your time and your team’s time, you have to track your time. Luckily, that’s insanely easy with these apps and processes. Plus we show you our time blocking process that allows us to remain profitable. 

Most of our students go into GSD Academy saying " I hate......" that's because no one ever showed them how to use it.  Let us show you how to name your files and enable sharing to streamline all of your processes and get you back to work instead of spending hours searching for things.  

This is all of our time-saving shortcuts we’ve discovered over years of teaching Apple workshops.  All yours to take and use without the pain of trying to figure them out for yourself!


Now you are ready to explode your productivity.  You have the communication plan, the team in place, a process, the tech tools, now you are ready to get your company message out there and start creating content. 

The biggest problem most business owners have is that they don’t have time to stay consistent with content.  Learn the exact process we have used to put in place goals with ease to reach those milestones. 

To be able to create content once and reuse it to engage your audience across all of your social platforms is the ultimate productivity hack. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of sales funnels, the client journey, the user experience, what is your strategy? This is where automation can bring you closer to scaling your business. 


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60 minute Phone Call a GSD team member to answer your one-on-one questions to getting you and your team on the right track to GSD!

Get a 30 day plan with ideas and posts to use on your social media.

One of my Best Selling Books. No longer be aggravated by your phone and/or computer; the APPs in this book will give you the tools you need to GSD.


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GSD Academy is open for a limited time. Get your time back. Get your focus back. Be that happy person you can and want to be.


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